Contra Dance Wiki

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What would we do with a wiki?

This wiki grew out of a thread that ?karcher started on Facebook. The following paragraphs contain my/his ideas for what kind of stuff would go on a wiki. Feel free to edit/expand any of these points.

  • suggestions for learning new things (music, new dance styles, moves, ?choreography, names of tunes)

  • information and resources for ?organizing contra dance events. Possible venues in various cities, contact information for sound people, caller's insurance, etc.

  • notes on ?writing dances; choreographical information.

  • resources for dance organizations looking to incorporate/etc.

  • sharing links and resources regarding events, post event (photo links).

  • contra dance ?missed connections

-- ?tychoish

My original thought was to have a place where choreographers could publish their dances (copyright issues?) and callers/dancers could comment on how the dances went, but the potential is much greater than just that. I'm mostly just surprised there's no place for the average contra dancer to share bits of accumulated wisdom (e.g. ?flourishes, how to handle difficulties in the community, how to throw a good ?techno contra, etc.) -- ?karcher

More Digital Contra Dance

Brandon is working on a database/information store/community resource called dance contraption. I think this is probably a very different project, that aims to collect a different kind of information from this site, and I think there is a need for both kinds of sites, and space for both to flourish.

There are also other dance-related resources and websites. At some point there probably ought to be a collection of links and resources here, but for the moment consider: DanceDB and The Dance Gypsy and contradancelinks.

Wiki Gardening

I could write epic tomes on the subject of wiki participation, etiquette methods for getting things done, and ways of using the software effectively to make the wiki awesome.

I'll spare you.

Just like dances need callers, wikis need gardeners to help them work and grow and flourish. Except, where dancers want/need the callers to help them start the dance, wiki writers need gardeners to help turn raw wiki-writing into useful pages. I pledge to do some gardening, and I may enlist the assistance of other folks if there's a need for more attention that I have. In the mean time:

Let's make some stuff. There's an "Edit" button in the upper right hand corner of the page. Click that, and begin editing the page, or just to see what the page source looks like. You can sign in with OpenID or your Google Account, or any one of a number of different authentication mechanisms. There's a "discussion" link, if you want to talk about a page, or want to suggest changes or edits without editing a page itself. Wikipedia calls these "Talk" pages but the concept is the same, in any case, I suspect they won't be terribly useful. Finally, if you want to start a new page, either insert a link into an existing page, and use the "?" link to create the new page, or simply put " into your address bar, and you can make a new page that way.

And I think I've said enough. Let's get writing!